Providing your Business the IT support it deserves

  • Lower Costs

    Having an IT Professional available to respond quickly to issues and be available for Emergencies that arise is important for any Small Business owner. IT Professionals can be very costly to hire on as part/full time employees, and do you really have that many issues that require a on-site staff member...probably not. Working with SBO to handle your IT issues allows you to only spend when issues occur. We are available both remotely & on-site*

  • Flexible Plans

    You can simply pay by the hour OR we have packages that provide you a 5-Hour, 10-Hour, & 15-Hour per month plan that saves you significant money on our hourly rate. The hours you don't use rollover to the next month.

  • Expert IT Professionals

    Our Support Engineers are not just a friendly and communicative, but with over 80 years combined experience in the IT Industry, SBO will solve ANY technology issues you may have.

* On-Site IT Service are ONLY available to Bonner County, and Boundary County, Idaho

** Unused hours which you payed for in advance are good for 3-Months, at that point it is discarded and no refund for unused hours will be provided.