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Hosted Exchange OR Office365?

  • Data Backup?

    Our Exchange Unlimited service includes Daily Backups that are retained for 7-days. SBO also offers an add-on of fully compliant email archiving with Unlimited storage. Microsoft 365 does NOT offer any backup or archiving.

  • Reliability & Stability?

    All Exchange services are mirrored on the West and East coast of the USA. Our 100% Uptime Guarantee is undisputed. Office365 is no different than Gmail, Yahoo, or any other Free service, which leaves you down and out when Microsoft has issues...and are you sure your data in Office365 actually is in the USA? Something to ponder...

  • Getting Support?

    This is probably the biggest plus to Hosted Exchange. As a Hosted Exchange partner, we are here for you 100% via text, email, chat or phone. We make it easy to get the support you need....NOW! If you ever had the nightmarish experience of trying to get a hold of Microsoft for support, then you know that you plan on spending at least 15-20 min just getting through their automated system, OR once you get through to them, you get someone that barely speaks English. At SBO...all staff member are USA based!

Looking for Stability and Change Control?

Choose Hosted Exchange!

Why Choose SBO?

We don’t succeed, if you don’t succeed.  We are not looking to make a quick buck, we are looking to make a long term business relationship.  We provide Enterprise level services with a Small Business touch.



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